Excellence!  It is rare that you hear a speaker delivering excellence in each aspect of their topic.  Adrienne Hunt is a dynamic, multi-faceted speaker and life coach.  Her ability to look at your business or life’s situation and see your dreams for excellence is nothing short of amazing.  Hunt’s Biz is a must for taking your business and personal goals to the next level.

Stephanie Johnson,

Associate Pastor, Christian Life Ministries

I needed someone to help me prioritize, be organized and focus on my day to day operations.  After meeting with Ms. Adrienne, I realized she was essential to helping me grow and develop as an entrepreneur.  To date I am able to get more tasks done in a timely manner without feeling so overwhelmed and spending more quality time on things I enjoy.  I am a finalist in a business plan writing competition because she helped me develop my business plan by helping me think about where and how I wanted my business to grow and develop.  I would definitely recommend Ms. Adrienne to anyone who is ready to take their business or business idea to the next level.

Tessa Alexander-Boyd

Owner, Elise Esthetics Institute and Spa


Adrienne provided insight to my business and helped me get on the right path to reach my goals.  With her help, I was able to implement strategies that improved my profit margins by almost 50%.

Selim Nurudeen

Owner and Lead Design Consultant at SinVista Creations, LLC.

As a Professional Life Coach specializing in clients with disabilities, I found that Ms. Hunt’s seminar “What’s Holding You Back” was very beneficial to me and my clients. Her realistic point of view and encouragement was uplifting. I am looking forward to attending her next seminar.

Stephani Miller

Owner, Independent Living Services