Identify Your Ideal Client

Finding right client

Who Is Ready to Buy?

Trying to sell to everyone is ruining your business and wasting advertising dollars.  In this workshop I teach you how to identify the ideal client for your products and services.  You will learn how to find the people willing to buy what you’re selling.

Finding Your Balance

new balance pic

You Can’t Please Everybody

Trying to please everybody can throw your life out of balance.  I will teach you how to set priorities that reflect your values and show you how to recognize when you are getting off track.    Take back your personal power and learn to say “No” without guilt.

Self-Publishing, Yes You Can!

5 steps to publishing

5 Steps You Must Take

If you want to self-publish but don’t know how, then this workshop is for you.   I will teach you the steps that I used to turn my manuscript into a finished book.  I  teach you the  “Cycle of Publishing” so you can publish your book with confidence.

Grow Through the Storm

new fight final

Come Out Better Not Bitter

Be encouraged as I get transparent about the challenges I faced while dealing with the loss of parents, cancer and becoming a working care-giver.  I share the 5-step strategy I used to grow through my storms and how I came out better instead of bitter.