Finding Your Balance

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Prioritize your life

This seminar is a reminder that you can’t do it all, at least not at the same time.  Learn how we lose our balance, why we lose our balance and how to get it back.  Remember those things that are important to you and that nourish you.  The 2Cs Check Up will help.

Don't Blend In, Stand Out!

Yes I can be me

The power to be yourself

The is no one quite like you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.   Don’t try to blend in when you were meant to stand out.  Learn how to stay true to who you are and what you like.  Let the real you rise up and celebrate your awesomeness!

Finding A New Normal


Dealing with life’s changes

Have you ever found yourself faced with an unexpected challenge?  When something outside of your control alters the plan you had for your life?  Learn a simple strategy to help you navigate change and find the new “normal” for your life.

Growing Through The Storm


5 Steps to win!

To win your faith F.I.G.H.T you must: Face it, Implement a winning strategy, Get help, Handle set backs and Trust God and your instincts.  Learn how to grow through life’s storms and come out better instead of bitter.  There’s victory after the storm.