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 You’ve Got To Fight

Through This

Price: $10.95

The Struggle Is REal

In this book you will:

• Be reminded that God is always in charge, even when life gets hard.

• Find encouragement as we journey through the biblical story of Job.

• Discover the four-step process that we used to grow through our storm.

• Learn how to come out of your storm better instead of bitter.





 Book for site

 Green Light

and other motivating messages

Price: $5.00


Here are a few of the lessons covered in this little book:

• Know Your Next Move

• It’s Ok To Say No

• Be Willing To Change

•  Actions Have Consequences




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 What’s Holding You Back?

Price: $5.00


They could be all that stands between an ordinary today and an extraordinary tomorrow.

In this teaching you will learn:

• to identify barriers to succes

• to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors

• a 3-step strategy to win

If you are tired of business as usual, you need this teaching!