We Solve Small Business Problems

50% of all new businesses close within 5 years. Now, these businesses don’t fail because the owner didn’t know how to produce the widget, bake the cake, or create wonderful designs. In fact, I’m sure they became an entrepreneur because they had the technical skills to get the job done. Unfortunately, that’s not always enough. Many of these businesses fail due to a lack of planning or the lack of a particular entrepreneurial skillset. And that’s where we come in.


I started Hunt’s Business Solutions in 2009 because I keep meeting people who had a great business idea but couldn’t figure out why they weren’t getting the results they expected. In many cases, the owner overlooked one of the fundamentals need to build a successful business. Since I had a reputation as planner and often functioned as a Strategic Advisor for many of my friends, I decided to create programs so I could help entrepreneurs on a larger scale. I do this not to get rich, although making money is a beautiful thing, but to serve others.


When I talk about my qualifications, I could tell you about my B.A. in Human Resources, or my time working as a Corporate Trainer, Customer Service Supervisor and Human Resources Manager. I could also talk about my previous business endeavors. But I would rather tell you about the business owner who told me his profits increased 20% after strategy sessions with me. Or the entrepreneur whose business plan won 2nd place in a contest after we worked together. Maybe telling you about the person who realized that she was targeting the wrong clients based upon my analysis on her Social Media insights. I find fulfillment in every “aha” moment my clients have.


I am Adrienne Jenkins Hunt. I am also known as “The Strategy Lady”. My vision is to empower entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses so they can have a positive impact on their families and communities. How can I be of service to you?

Meet Our Team

Adrienne Jenkins Hunt


Robert Hunt

Chief of Operations

Marcus Hunt

Director of Media Productions

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