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Business Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, and Awesome Presentations for Small Businesses and Business Professionals

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Our seminars, workshops, and media products will teach you how to become more strategic in your life. Whether you are building a business or creating a strategic life plan, our programs will show you how to initiate or navigate the type of change needed to live the life of your dreams.

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Workshops and webinars are great but sometimes you need a little VIP treatment. Our One-on-One Coaching provides more in-depth instructions as well as the accountability needed to get the job done.

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In our blogs “Red Shoes and Coffee”, we teach powerful lessons wrapped in stories about everyday life. These short but power packed messages are inspirational, motivating and actionable. We also post articles and Hunt’s Biz Tips to help you position your business for growth.

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How Prospects Become Customers

“How to grow your fan base and attract more followers!”  The internet abounds with articles and infographics with titles like this.  They promise to show you how to grow your mailing lists and increase the number of followers, tweets, and fans that you have on social media…

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Hit Your Target!

Everyone is not your customer.  I know you find that hard to believe but the products or service that you offer, no matter how good, are not for everyone.  It is important to identify your ideal client.  Who needs what you have to offer? When you know who they are and where to find them you can target your advertising dollars and get better results.

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